Nimbus is a web based search engine (CannaMediFinder) providing personalized matches to Medical Cannabis utilizing our analytic software.

  • Patients: Find the right cannabis based medicine for your particular needs.
  • Cultivators and Manufacturers: Provide information to ???
  • Researchers: Provide information to help define ???

Why are we doing this?

  • There is currently no solution that allows patients to quickly and clearly find medical cannabis products specific to their medical needs and/or their specific desires.
  • Our goal is to provide a solution for quick, easy, and accurate knowledge in pursuit of medical cannabis.

Our Mission:

  • To advance the research, quality, and efficacy of medical cannabis for patients and all professionals in the medical cannabis community.

Our Vision:

  • To help with relieving the need for addictive, high-priced, synthetic pharmaceuticals with the natural, organic healing powers of cannabis and other plant based remedies.

We are:

A group of Clinical Psychologists, Researchers, Thought Leaders, Visionaries, Solution Architects, Project Managers, Data Warehousing experts, Data Analysts, Developers, as well as experts in Multimedia, Radio, Social Media, and all around good folks.

Our Value adds to the Industry

  • Bettering the world by crafting cannabis products to help people in the areas they most need it
  • Knowledge Capture
  • Data Analytics, turning data into actionable Intelligence
  • Ever growing knowledge of what cannabis can do to treat medical conditions
  • Patient Efficacy Database
  • Survey Results and Analysis
  • Trust Management (Intentional/Ensured Trust)
    • We NEVER share personally identifiable information (aka PII).

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