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Nimbus is a cloud-based solution to provide patients with real-time and local information on efficacy, experience, and accessing medical cannabis.

Why we are doing this
  • As cannabis becomes better understood as a medicinal remedy, patients will need to be able to learn what strains and forms are best suited for their condition and desired experience.
  • There are thousands of variations of cannabis strains and a growing variety of ways patient can administer treatment. Within all of these options there are variations that can arise in different geographic locations, cultivation methods, and manufacturing processes. These variations will continue to grow as cultivators cross breed plants and manufacturers develop new forms and doses of treatment.
  • There currently is no solution that allows patients to quickly and clearly sort through the cannabis available to them from local dispensaries and caregivers. Our goal is to provide a solution for quick, easy, and accurate access to medical cannabis.

How Nimbus Benefits the Cannabis Industry

Patient Needs
Patients want to know:
  • What the experience is like with certain strains and/or products.
  • What treatment would be most appropriate for their condition and other medications.
  • Who offers the desired or comparable products close to them and for the best price.
Dispensary Needs
Dispensaries want to:
  • See what patients are buying from their store and from all dispensaries
  • Know what to keep in stock and what else to explore if desired.
  • Better understand the properties of products.
  • What’s appropriate for different conditions and desired experiences.
  • Plan for products to stock in stores.
Cultivator Needs
Cultivators want to:
  • Plan their next crop to create the best experience for patients.
  • Yield the greatest harvest.

Cultivators can learn what manufacturers, dispensaries, and patients are most interested in purchasing and/or learn what other products they might produce to be more successful in the desired markets.

Nimbus benefits cultivators by:
  • Providing crop planning insights as a service
  • Connecting cultivators with manufacturers and/or dispensaries to purchase crops.
Manufacturer Needs
Manufacturers want to know:
  • The potency and properties of desired to aid specific conditions.
  • The form and experience desired by patients.
  • What is selling and desirable for dispensaries to purchase.
  • Where to find product for greater potency, reduced cost, or an alternative source should there be limits in supply.

Nimbus benefits manufacturers by providing insights on:
  • What products are selling for desired experience and efficacy.
  • What dosage and form patients are consuming.
  • How and where to get comparable materials.

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Nimbus is contributing to many areas of the Cannabis industry. Nimbus helps everyone understand the local communities perspective on experience and efficacy of local cannabis.

  • Patients
  • Dispensaries
  • Cultivators
  • Manufacturers
  • Laboratories