Nimbus CannaMed is a web based cannabis search engine providing personalized matches for patients, user, growers and manufacturers by utilizing our analytic software.

Nimbus Mission:

  • Advance the research, quality, and efficacy of medical cannabis for patients and all professionals in the medical cannabis community.

Nimbus Vision:

  • Relieve the need for addictive, high-priced, synthetic pharmaceuticals with the natural, organic healing powers of cannabis.

Why we are doing this:

  • There currently is no solution that allows patients to quickly and clearly sort through the cannabis available to them from local dispensaries and caregivers.
  • Our goal is to provide a solution for quick, easy, and accurate access to medical cannabis.

Who we are?

  • Dr. Lonny Weiss (Clinical Psychologist, Researcher, Thought Leader)
  • Tom Thomas (Solution Architect)
  • Lonnie Tucker (Project Manager, Survey and Reporting)

How Nimbus Benefits the Cannabis Industry?

  • Cultivators know the best products to grow for the real demands in the marketplace.
  • Manufacturers can know what chemical profiles have the best impact on their customers.
  • Dispensaries can recommend and supply desired products for specific conditions and experiences
  • Researchers and cannabis lobbyists can have data to support forward thinking on efficacy factors and legislation.
  • Search: Medical Symptoms or Conditions
  • Search: Desired Effects
  • Search: Cannabis Properties
  • Search: Body (ENDOCANNABINOID) System
  • Search: Adverse Effects
  • Search: Specific Cannabinoid or Terpene

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